Blockchain-based real-time game

Play and Wins in each Ethereum block

Trusted smartcontract manage & defend your bets and really random wins.Honest, fast and transparently.

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Honest gambling and blockchain technology

From the future


Real random initial number

RANDOM.ORG offers true random numbers. The randomness comes from atmospheric noise, which is better to drive online games than the pseudo-random number algorithms typically used in computer programs.


Real random win number

Game use unique technology "32 steps to win" for convert random digit signed by to win digit using as key hash value from Ethereum block. This protect players from manipulations with game results.


Creativ User Interface

Intuitive feature rich design concept and color combination. We prerare some designs for game table for your choose.

Game rule

Each Ethereum block have unique hash-key number. For example Ethereum block #7599828 has hash 0xaea59147ccbf5c51c816a18bf3407edd195cda59cedcfc9cda371af707cbc8d9. This is hexadecimal number consist from 32 bytes. Each byte is a unit of digital information 0-255. Game ask for signed integer random number from 0 to 15, then convert it 32 times using each time new byte from Ethereum block hash. Final number become winning in this Ethereum block. You can easily check all this calculations by yourself using additional game information.

  • Then game search all winners from this block
  • Auto transfer prizes to each winner each block
  • Winners can ask for withdraw or continue to play
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Bet rule

Player can make bet used one digit to sixteen. Pay off will be follows bet amount and quantity digits used. Multiply index: 1:15; 2:14; 3:13; 4:12; 5:11; 6:10; 7:9; 8:8; 9:7; 10:6; 11:5; 12:4: 13:3; 14:2; 15:1, other 0. So many times in block as it can Ethereum blockchain. Player pay Ethereum gas fee and depending Game service fee . Game very often a minute check online current block number. New one will come. Game immidiately start play draw for previous one, as described in game rule in previous part. And the cycle repeats. Examples: 1. Who bet amount for one digit if win will come will get bet amount *15 times "15/1". 2. Who bet amount for five digits if win wili come will get bet amount *2.2 times "11/5". You can easily check all your bet and prizes using additional game information.

  • Minimum bet value > 0
  • Maximum bet value less or equal balance of current game wallet divide by variable divGame
  • Player can use privat bot for autobet
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Tursted Product

We increasingly grow our talent and skills in gambling solution development.


Online informations

Game storage and public players and games information. Total bets amount for each player. Total risks amount for each player. Total prizes amount for each player.


Free Support 24/7

Fast and accurate outline during support. Low turnaround time.




Ethereum blocks prized





Soon will be available ibyte app for Android and iOS

Under development now for release its this year.

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